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Spice Sets

A wonderful starter set or gift for any enthusiastic food lover. Cook authentic dishes from around the world with our hand blended spice sets.

Chicken Tikka Spice Set

Our spices work two ways. They can be used as a rub for BBQs or grilling or each one can be used to cook a fantastic dish such as a curry or casserole. You can create fabulous food all year round.

Cajun Chicken Spice Set

Top class.  Our suppliers source directly from producers all over the world for the finest and freshest spices. We hand blend in small batches so you get incredibly authentic flavours that are packed full of amazing taste. Who are we? Read our “about us” section.

Hand Blended Spices

Our sets include either 6 or 12 spice mixes inside a presentation tin with our “BBQ & Grill Master” recipe card that will show you exactly how to use the spices to get the most out of them. You also get access to easy to follow recipes that show how to turn each one into a wonderful meal, read here.

6 or 12 Tin sapice sets or create your own

Great value for money, our 6 tin sets have enough spice to typically cook 18 meals for 4 people and our 12 tin set can cook up to 60 meals for 4 people, that’s 62p a meal.

Wonderful Gift Sets

These make fantastic gifts for food lovers. They are sure to love and appreciate this thoughtful gift that will get used again and again. Choose below from our 6, 12 or create your own sets.

Large Gift Spice Set

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