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Authentic Made Simple

Want to cook amazing food every day?

We’re passionate about cooking and we want to share that with you.

Quality with no compromise, hand blended with love in small batches every week.

Tandoori Chicken

How it works

Every blend has an easy to follow recipe to get you started

Prepare Ingredients

Fast Prep

We've done the hard bit, we've freshly blended up to 14 different spices, balancing them to perfection, you just need to chop the ingredients


Pan Fry Or Oven Grill

Grab your favourite cut of meat, follow the recipe card and chop it all up.  If meats not your thing, all our spices are vegan & vegetarian friendly and you know what to do. Easy!

Enjoy The Food

Serve & Amaze The Family

Enjoy a beautiful home cooked tasty meal with the family any day of the week.  And because we made these for our own families there not too hot for little ones.

Hand Blended Spices

We care what goes in to our blends

There are just natural ingredients in our blends, with no nasties such as emulsifiers, preservatives, or things such as anti-caking agents.

We use premium herbs & spices, and we make small batches every week so you get the very best we can offer.

Taco Spicy Dishes

We've made it quick, easy and tasty

You will be able to cook fast, fresh, healthy weekday meals for all the family. We’ve created recipes that are incredibly easy to follow to help you get started. All our recipes take about 30 to 40 minutes to make.

We’ve been blending for over 20 years, we’re fanatical about flavour and getting the balance right.  These blends will provide you with the building blocks to make many different wonderful dishes.  The internet is full of recipes that you can use our blends with.

Spaghetti Bolognese
Premium Spices

Premium Spice

We use high quality spices and herbs to give outstanding results

No Artifical Flavours Or Additives

No Artifical Flavours Or Additives

Absolutely, no "E" numbers or weight fillers like whey or corn starch.

Vegan & Vegetarian

Vegan & Vegetarian

All our blends do not use animal products

Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy

If you can chop, pan fry & grill then you can cook any of our recipes in around 30 minutes

Low Heat

Low Heat

Cooking with spices is about flavour not heat.  We hold back the heat so the whole family can enjoy., if you want it to be hot you can always add more chilli.



We've carfully desinged all our blends to be used as a marinade perfect for the BBQ.


1000+ Independent Reviews On Amazon & Etsy

"Delicious, easy to follow recipes, taste amazing, perfect for cooking at home. Will be trying them all."

"Wow! I made my usual Mexican Chicken Chilli recipe tonight. But instead of every individual spice, I used the Mexican Chilli Mix. God, damn it transformed the dish."

"I can’t praise this Berbere blend highly enough, very flavourful. Adds layers of spice & a little heat."

Who Are We?

The reason why our co-founders started offering their blends

All too frequently I found that spice blends commercially available to me in the restaurant industry were out of balance, with poor quality spices that were often too hot or too salty.  So I started creating my own blends and recipes.


Mac has been a professional chef for over 20 years. He has worked in London & Michelin starred restaurants, as well as abroad to further his knowledge.

I’m still learning, and I love trying new dishes.  Your probably like me, experimenting with no formal training or experience as a chef.  I’ve learnt the hard way and my family have had more than their fair share of experimental cooking.


Dave is self-taught and has been blending and cooking with spices most of his adult life.

We want you to find the joy in cooking with spices from around the world.  Our blends help you get the basics right, balancing the spices.  They’re the core building blocks, to get you exploring complex flavours and enjoying fresh, exciting new meals.


Mac & Dave's mission is to help people like you get the best from spices.

Spice Sets

Spice Sets

Why not try one of our beautiful spice sets, available in 3 or 6 tins sets.

A beautiful gift for friends or family


Gift Sets

Monthly Spice Subscription

Low Cost Monthly Subscription Club

For the price of one of our standard pouches, you’ll get a new blend to try every month.

You’ll also receive a number of extra benefits like an exclusive discount off any other blends you buy.

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