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The Thai cuisine: What is so special about it? 


The Thai cuisine is famous and world-widely appealing. Thai people use aromatic, fresh and dry spices to balance their dishes and give each one its unique flavor.  

Its History 


Various cultures influence in Thai cuisine!  

Historically, Thai people considered herbs and plants as main ingredients of their dishes where they used to bake, grill, or stew their food. However, the ancient Chinese migrants changed their cuisine’s techniques. Now, it’s popular to have fried, deep-fried, and stir-fried dishes. Consequently, fried rice and noodles are of the main bases of Thai dishes!  
Over time, this cuisine got influenced by many other eastern and western cultures such as the French one, Dutch, Japanese, Persian, Arabian and most importantly Portuguese. 


Why is it so Spicy? 


In the late 1660s, Portuguese missionaries introduced chilies to Thailand.  
Not only does chili add so much flavor to food, but it helped Thai people in unconventional ways. For instance, they live in tropic area, the food tends to go bad, they found out that chili helps food stay fresher for longer periodof timesSpicy food also increases blood circulation and helps in regulating the body’s core temperature which is very important in tropic areas.  

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