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Why Do We Throw Rice at the Happy Couple in Weddings? 


To keep it short, rice was expensive up until the 20th century.  

If we really think about it, even today we do keep our best attires and our priciest gems for special events, so it’s natural to want to look our best. Same thing with rice.  

In the 19th century rice was grown at a low scale in the middle eastern region, specifically in IraqSo other countries like Lebanon, imported rice and sold it in the city of Beirut, a large trading centerVillagers of Lebanon would only drive to the city to buy the rice when they had a happy occasion.  Most of those happy occasions were to celebrate the birth of a boy, and to celebrate, the Lebanese used to make a desert called Moghle, which consists of sugar, rice, spices and some high-end nuts like pine nuts. Believe it or not those villagers with minimum income would drive to the city to buy the expensive ingredients to make the special desert no matter the cost.  

But the wealthy ones used to give rice as wedding gifts to the people and throw that rice in weddings and joyous moments in general, just to exhibit the fact they have money and their indifference because they don’t have to wait for special occasion to buy rice. It later on got linked to fortune, abundancy, fertility, and prosperityAnd that’s why till this day we throw rice!