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Vegan Recipes - New

Cook like a Spice Master 

Wonderful vegetarian and vegan meals you can cook quickly and easily with our spice mixes.

This is a new page and we will be adding recipes regularly.  Happy Cooking!!!

Cajun Meal

Cajun Blend No.2

Creole cooking at its best, it’s easy and so tasty! We have used a meat substitute for a vegetarian version but simply replace with chicken, prawns and chorizo if you prefer.

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Mexican Chilli Meal

Mexican Blend No.9

Want to cook chilli like a pro? By using our carefully blended mix, it’s not only full of flavour it’s quick and easy too!

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Mexican Jackfruit


Mexican Chilli Jackfruit Blend No.9

If you have not tried jackfruit you are in for a treat, this combination of lentils and chargrilled cauliflower work superbly with our Mexican chilli mix to bring you a quick meal that's full of taste sensation.

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Za'atar Meal

Za'atar Blend No.6

A Middle Eastern spice mix Za’atar is traditionally eaten with flat breads. This recipe however works wonderfully, the baked aubergine has crunch while the Za’atar dip brings the whole dish alive.

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