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Easy Recipes

Cook like a Spice Master 

Wonderful meals you can cook quickly and easily with our spice mixes

Chicken Tikka Masala Curry

Tikka Masala Blend No.1

A British favourite, this mild creamy curry is a national treasure. Allegedly invented in Glasgow to satisfy a customer request.

Cajun Meal

Cajun Blend No.2

Creole cooking at its best, it’s easy and so tasty! We have used a meat substitute for a vegetarian version but simply replace with chicken, prawns and chorizo if you prefer.

Piri Piri Meal

Piri Piri Blend No.3

This is a well known name and was made popular by the Portuguese. Many mixes an be extremely hot and this can sometimes spoil the dish. We have created a more subtle blend so more people can enjoy it’s wonderful flavours. If you want to take it up a notch you can always add more chilli

Harissa Meal

Harissa Blend No.4

Harissa is one of our spiciest mixes but we have created a more subtle blend so that more of you can appreciate this wonderful blend in your cooking. You can always add more chilli if you prefer it hotter.



Jerk Blend No.5

The Jerk mix was traditionally used to create a spicy sauce for meat slowly cooked over a wood fire. Whilst you can cook this with just blend no.5 we strongly recommend adding blend no.7 for a wonderful combination of flavours.

Za'atar Meal

Za'atar Blend No.6

A Middle Eastern spice mix Za’atar is traditionally eaten with flat breads. This recipe however works wonderfully, the baked aubergine has crunch while the Za’atar dip brings the whole dish alive.

Tandoori Curry

Tandoori Blend No.7

The word tandoori refers to a variety of ovens used to cook. Commonly thought of is the cylindrical clay oven. This curry uses our tandoori mix to make a beautiful full flavoured dish. You’ll want to cook again and again.

Merguez Meal

Merguez Blend No.8

A spice mix often found in sausages, this French/Tunisian spice mix is warm and hearty with a fennel undertone that we hope you agree, lends itself to stews and casseroles.

Mexican Chilli Meal

Mexican Blend No.9

Want to cook chilli like a pro? By using our carefully blended mix, it’s not only full of flavour it’s quick and easy too!  Cook with your favourite mince or mince substitute to create this really tasty dish quickly and easily.

Chicken Korma Curry

Korma Blend No.10

A mild, creamy and fragrant curry for those who like spice but not heat. Our version has an intense flavour but it is not hot.

Berbere Meal

Berbere Blend No.11

This is an Ethiopian style stew, and the spice mix gives a beautiful deep flavour. This version is made with vegetables but can be made with chicken, beef or lamb (cooking times will increase but the recipe is the same – allow 1 hour for chicken, 2 hours for beef and lamb).

Ras Hl Hanout

Ras El Hanout Blend No.12

A wondeful fragrant spice blend, used extensively in North Africa. There are many variations on this mix. This dish can be prepared quickly and then placed in the oven to cook.

Paella Recipe

Paella Blend No.15

Our blend will help you create a wonderful authentic flavour quickly and easily, and once you’ve tried our standard recipe you will be able to incorporate different vegetables, meats and seafood to make your own favourite version.