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About Spice Masters

Universal frustration

Do you think like us?  Packet mixes or off the shelf sauces are never as good as when you eat at a restaurant?

Does it also concern you about the constant news about the high levels of sugar and salt in these sauces and ready meals?

We all know it, but is it not also true that even knowing all of this, it’s just easier in our busy lifestyles to reach for the packet or jar.  Well we have a solution, please read on...

Packet Mix Frustration

Who are we?

Spice Masters is a partnership of two friends with a common passion, cooking.

Mac has been a professional chef for 20 years working in some of London’s prestigious restaurants.  However, his own personal passion has been hand blending spices to create amazing dishes.

Dave has no professional training but has been a keen enthusiast of spices for over 20 years as well.  He loves a BBQ and enjoys seeing people enjoying his food.

The Spice Penny Drops

The penny drops for Dave

One weekend the families were together and Mac had brought some more spice blends over.  Up until now Dave had only tried Macs spices on the BBQ. 

This time however Mac showed Dave how to cook them into curries and casseroles.  Dave was utterly amazed; It took Mac less than15 minutes to turn out a chicken tikka masala curry.  He did it over and over again, turning out dish after dish from each spice set.

Later that evening the penny drops for Dave, these spice mixes Mac had made tasted way better than any packet mixes he had tried.

Spice Mix Ideas

An idea was born

The simple problem most of us face today is time, even if we know how to blend spices it takes time to make a batch up, not something you want to do on a week night.

You also end up buying dozens of spices and as you only use a little of each, the freshness goes and you often end up throwing them away.

Our ready to go 50g pouch will make 5 meals for 4 for just £2.95, that’s 59p per meal.  No more buying dozens of spices, our mixes are hand blended in small batches by Mac & Dave, so you get consistent flavours time and time again.

Easy Cook Meals

About you

Can you cook using a packet mix or jar of sauce?  Can you cut up a chicken breast, some vegetables and pour some liquid into a bowl or pan?

Then you will be able to cook top notch dishes in your home with our simple to use spice mixes. Impress your friends and family with fantastic BBQ’s and wonderful weekday meals. 

Take your cooking to the next level and join the growing number of people who want easy, quick, beautiful meals in their home without the hassle.  

Why not head over to our recipe section for some inspiration.