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Choose Your Own 6 Spices


You can select any 6 from the 24 different spice blends available.

You will receive your 6 selected flavours in a beautiful gift box with magnetic closure that can be used to store your spices.  Each individual tin has enough spices to make 3 meals for 4 people, so that is 18 meals per gift set.

Each mix has a dual purpose and has been specially blended so it can be used either as a quick marinade for BBQs or grilling and can also be used to make a delicious meal such as a curry or casserole.

In the tin you will also receive our BBQ like a Spice Master easy to follow recipe card.  You can also find our easy to follow Spice Master recipes on the website, one for each spice mix we do, these will show you exactly how best to create a delicious meal in minutes.

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    Availability: In stock


    Availability:In stock
    Customer Dishes & More
    • Blend No.1 Tikka - Originating in the Punjab it means “bits and pieces” Serve with fried onions, warm naan & minted yogurt 
    • Blend No.2 Cajun - Associated with Louisiana and the deep south, used in Creole cooking.  Works well with steamed rice & aromatic vegetables. 
    • Blend No.3 Piri Piri - With roots in both Africa and Portugal.  Works well with crispy potatoes & a cooling yogurt dip.
    • Blend No.4 Harissa - Used heavily throughout North African countries, it is wonderfully fragrant. Traditionally used with bread, stews and cous cous dishes
    • Blend No.5 Jerk - Developed in Jamaica and popular with Caribbean and West Indian communities.  A spicy flavour that works well with meat, fish and vegetables. 
    • Blend No.6 Za'atar - Can be traced back to biblical times and used heavily in the Middle East. Wonderfully fragrant, it works well with flatbreads & a simple salad
    • Blend No.7 Tandoori - Commonly believed to originate in the Punjab, it is universally known.  Serve with pilau rice & minted yogurt.
    • Blend No.8 Merguez - Has its roots in North West Africa. Popular in both the Middle East & Europe. A beautiful aromatic flavour that works well in roasted vegetables or on potato wedges.
    • Blend No.9 Mexican - A wonderful flavourful blend that’s not too fiery (add more chilli for a real kick).  Works well with tortilla wraps, a bean salad & a squeeze of lime.
    • Blend No.10 Korma - Has its roots in the Indian subcontinent.  It has a mild and fragrant flavour.  Serve with vegetable rice and warm naan.
    • Blend No.11 Berere - The backbone of Ethiopian Cuisine.  A complex flavour that is very versatile. Works well in a variety of different dishes.
    • Blend No.12 Ras El Hanout - Common in North Africa it features heavily in Moroccan cuisine. Spice up your stews, casseroles and couscous.
    • Blend No.13 Chimichurri - It’s blend is deceptively simple and can be used as a dry rub or used within a dish to replicate the original sauce. It has a beautiful delicate taste that when used as a dry rub enhances the flavour of any meat.
    • Blend No.14 Italian Bolognese - A sauce that needs no introduction, we’re all familiar with it.  So why would we offer this blend when it’s so easily purchased?  Good question but the answer is very simple, ours is made with just spices and herbs, no additives, added sugar or salt.  Just try it and you'll never go back.
    • Blend No.15 Paella - Our blend will help you create a wonderful authentic flavour quickly and easily, and once you’ve tried our standard recipe you will be able to incorporate different vegetables, meats and seafood to make your own favourite version.
    • Blend No16 Japanese 7 Spice – Also known as Shichimi Togarashi it dates back to at least the 17thCentury and is traditionally used to flavour soups, noodles and grilled meats.  As well as flavour it is hot too and whilst we normally tone down the heat in our blends we felt it really needed to be balanced with enough heat to make it more in line with its heritage.
    • Blend No.17 Kofta - Our Kofta blend is basedon Greek flavourings which they would traditionally serve in kebab houses and accompanied by Tzatziki or plain yoghurt.  They are easy to prepare and can be cooked in several ways, if its not bbq weather no problem these work well under a grill or simply frying them.
    • Blend No.18 Thai Massaman - If you have not tried it but love the flavours associated with Thai curries this could well become one of your favourites.  A taste of its own with an aromatic warm rounded flavour our blend helps you recreate a quick version of this curry.
    • Blend No.19 Tagine Spice - Our blend will give you that authentic flavour and will work just as well with a slow cooker, a heavy or cast-iron pot if you do not have aTajine.  Mouth watering and easy to prepare it can slowly cook in the oven making it a wonderful meal to come home to on a workday. 
    • Blend No.20 Thai 7 Spice –If you love the tastes associated with Thailand you’ll love this blend which is inspired by 7 key spices used in Thai and Asian cooking.  As well as the recipe we provide you will be able to use this mix as a base to help you make great dishes that are full of authentic flavour.
    • Blend No..21 Swedish Meatballs – Possibly one of Sweden’s most icon foods they are a wonderful comfort meal that are quick as simple to make.  Serve with mash and rich creamy gravy.
    • Blend No.22 Ultimate Burger Spice  –We like to think of this blend as very special as it’s not based on any well known dish such as Tikka or Harissa, this was our first very own blend unique to us, designed to add a punch to any burger not just beef.
    • Blend No..23 Taco Spice – Whether you like hard or soft taco’s it’s important to get the spice blend right to make wonderful tasting food.   Taco’s are part of Mexico’s street food culture, easy to eat, fantastic for parties and a quick healthy meal.  Extremely versatile you can use a multitude of meats and or vegetable fillings to vary meal times.
    • Blend No.24 Malay Satay Spice – A dish many of us are familiar with it originates from Indonesia and is popular in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.  Usually served on skewers in a sauce we have also included a recipe which is close to a curry.
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    We want you to be delighted with your spice selection and we're so sure you will absoloulty love them we make you this simple promise.

    Try them, cook a meal or use them as a rub and have a BBQ and if you don't agree that they're packed full of flavour...


    If they're not as as easy to use as we say they are...


    if there is anything else you don't like about them you may send back any unused and we will be happily give you a refund.

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